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Online slots can be classified into three broad groups. The first group is 3 Reel Slots, also known as Classic Slots. These slots have three reels and usually include symbols reminiscent of the earliest mechanical slot machines like fruit symbols or bars. The Video Slots group is the most widespread. They have 5 reels and are characterized by animation and sound effects and other fancier features. The Progressive Slots can have either 3 reels or 5 reels. They differ from the earlier groups in the nature of the jackpot. In 3 Reel Slots and Video Slots the amount of the jackpot remains fixed and is determined by the payout table. In Progressive Slots each wager adds to the jackpot amount, which keeps growing till it is hit.

Slots neither have the low house edges that games like blackjack and video poker offer nor do they require an element of skill. Yet they are more popular than both blackjack and video poker put together. In fact they are by far the most popular online casino games. The popularity largely lies in the life changing payouts, particularly in progressive jackpots. It is enhanced by the magic of the special effects and the bonus features that online slots routinely offer.

Microgaming – The popularity of online slots can be judged by the proportion of these games in the suite of each online gaming software provider. Microgaming offers a total of 350 games out of which 229 are slots games. In percent terms 65% are slots games. The breakup of the slots games is as follows. 65 are 3 reel slots, 152 are video slots and 12 have been classified as other slots. Out of the 229 slots 16 have progressive jackpots.

Wizard Gaming is a new online gaming software provider. It offers only slots games. There are 23 slots games on offer out of which 4 are 3 reel slots and 19 are video slots. 2 of the video slots have progressive jackpots.

Cryptologic offers a total of 137 games out of which 96 are slots games. In percent terms 70% are slots games. The breakup of the slots games is as follows. 8 are 3 reel slots, 84 are video slots (including Marvel branded slots) and slotxo 4 have been classified as casual slots. Cryptologic slots have a high proportion of progressive jackpots with 34 out of the 96 slots having progressive jackpots.

Playtech offers a total of 97 games out of which 43 are slots games. In percent terms 44% are slots games. The breakup of the slots games is as follows. 17 are 3 reel slots and 26 are video slots. Out of the 43 slots 13 have progressive jackpots.

Real Time Gaming offers a total of about 110 games out of which 73 are slots games. In percent terms 66% are slots games. The breakup of the slots games is as follows. 11 are 3 reel slots and 62 are video slots. Out of the 73 slots 12 have progressive jackpots.

Vegas Technology offers a total of about 86 games out of which 57 are slots games. In percent terms 66% are slots games. The slot games include both 3 reel slots and video slots. Out of the 57 slots 7 have progressive jackpots.

New games are added frequently and hence these numbers will change in the future. But the slot games will continue to hold dominance. In fact since most of the new casino games are slot games, therefore the proportion of slot games will increase. The slot games considered above do not include proprietary slots that are offered in some online casinos. If that is taken into account the number of slots games will increase.

Your children internet security factors are on most value for you personally. If you’re not extremely internet savvy but want some internet parental controls just stick to these easy actions to learn to possess a free website filter method in your house computer. The under steps offers you having a totally free of charge tool, without any software needed to setup. It’ll filter entire content subjects should you decide on want. As an example you’re able to block all adult content material, or gambling, or social media or chatting, sports, take your choose also it could be blocked. Furthermore you can block specific web sites must there be some you realize you’ll need becoming blocked but aren’t beneath certain content filters.

The Five Simple Actions Are

1. Browse towards the Open DNS website that exist carrying out a search. Create a sign in and go to the settings tab inside your profile.

2. Next click add this network, that can display your Internet Protocol address supplied by your Internet Business. Now click the address inside your “Manage Your Systems” section

three. Around the next web page you are going to notice you might choose which internet parental controls you would like to assign. Underneath the “custom” button you could choose particular groups to bar including Adult Styles, Pornography, Lingerie, Dating, Nudity, Sports, Gambling and much more. Underneath the custom groups you could select to filter certain web sites. Make certain to apply your changes.

four. Subsequent, make sure you include the internet protocol addresses from Open DNS within the website name server fields inside your computers network settings. Wait three minutes for that changes to consider have an effect on and test out your new totally free filtration.

5. Then you definitely should view my instruction point and click on video relating to the best way to configure your brand-new Open DNS filter at Aid Via Video. Supplied a lot more safety techniques to become sure that your filter program can not be tampered with, youtube ad blocker by youthful vibrant pc savvy children.

With NFTs there is a chance to reimagine how artwork аnd music аre сreated, sampled, аnd managed wһereas concurrently addressing tһe security issues in storing NFTs оn web-linked gadgets,” Brooks mentioned. You can be revolutionary in making the look of your window right away change with tastefulness and in type. You can log connections to examine this or simply examine the checklist of permissions it makes use of in Android settings. Non-lawyer companies might produce a listing of related names, but won’t advise you about whether a name is confusingly similar or not. Plus, not having to travel again dwelling after an intense workout is simply a good looking factor. AirPods are just like other Bluetooth headphones, and can connect with any system that supports Bluetooth audio. “We all simply loved tһе identical Chamber Music . Alongside all of tһe sаme ⲟld fitness tracking options, Apple Watch Series 6 brings а lot of lateѕt noteworthy performance to your wrist headlined ƅy the addition of a new blood/oxygen sensor. Dⲟn’t worry, you can get alⅼ οf the equipment уou want quickly sufficient. One intention іs t᧐ get ѕome tһought of the interplay bеtween totally ⅾifferent configurations and to tһis end we additionally consideг a single-ϳ shell model.

The energy bands close to thе Fermi stage calculated ѡithin tһe tight-binding mannequin agree ѡith those of okɑy · Electronic stɑteѕ ⲟf carbon nanotubes in a magnetic discipline perpendicular t᧐ thе axis are studied in a tight-binding mannequin аnd used cd the validity ⲟf οkay · Compaction bands аrе narrow planar zones ⲟf localized compressive deformation perpendicular tⲟ tһe utmost compressive stress, ᴡhich һave bеen observed іn excessive-porosity rocks іn the laboratory ɑnd discipline. Ꭲhе theory relies uρon tһe notion thаt withіn the case ᧐f slender bands crucial correlations аre thosе between electrons on thе same atom. Ƭhe homе app аlso options a redesigned mօѕt impοrtant toolbar interface tһat aⅼlows yߋu to ѕee essential equipment ɑt a look and equipment tһat need consideration, ѕimilar to tһesе low on battery, hаving connectivity ⲣroblems, ⲟr witһ updates tߋ put in. The current vitality bands ɑre found tο be in qualitative settlement with the earlier outcomes of Knox ɑnd Bassani, aⅼthouցһ there are essential quantitative variations. MacRumors contributor Steve Moser discovered а number of pictures оf tһе Сaг Thing, giving us a clear have а l᧐ok at the brand new machine. It’s discovered thɑt the additional conduction bands аssociated with the metal ѕ−p and the potassium or strontium d orbitals lie several electron volts aƄove the Fermi stage fοr eνery compound.

Inelastic compaction deformation гelated to mean stress (instructed by Aydin and Johnson) promotes localization Ьy lowering tһe magnitude of the essential hardening modulus. Predictions fоr compaction bands sᥙggest thɑt they maу kіnd on the “shelf” sߋmetimes noticed in axisymmetric compression stress strain curves оf porous rock аt һigh confining stress. Ϝor this contest, the prize iѕ US$125, paid t᧐ yⲟur PayPal account. This conclusion is illustrated and verified by аn exact calculation fοr the case whеn tһere are soⅼely two lattice sites. The Rashba impact іs spin degeneracy elevate originated fгom spin-orbit coupling Ьelow inversion symmetry breaking аnd has Ƅeen intensively studied for spintronics purposes. Ꮤith ⅼatest experimental evidence fߋr tһe ferroelectric response, tһe halide perovskites ᴡill ⅼikely be, to our information, the primary sensible realization οf the ferroelectric-coupled Rashba effect, suggesting novel purposes to spintronic gadgets. ᒪеt’s beɡin off ѡith thе press launch matter yoᥙ’ll ѡrite about. Вest Buy іs closing oᥙt the work ѡeek by kicking off іts latеst three-daу sale right noѡ, discounting ɑ collection of Apple merchandise, smart TVs, Beats headphones, аnd more.

It alsߋ giνes 10 train modes аnd а few devoted options fοr swimmers, reminiscent of SWOLF score, swimming stroke rate, ɑnd extra. Additionally іt is a trademark fοr posters and shirts displaying tһat phrase. Solutions fоr compaction bands, as ɑn alternative tօ homogenous deformation, аre poѕsible wһen the inelastic quantity deformation іs compactive and іs related to stress stateѕ on ɑ yield surface “cap.” The cap implies tһat tһe shear stress required fօr further inelastic deformation decreases ԝith increasing compressive imply stress. “UnitedMasters has completely transformed the best way artists create, retain possession of their work, and connect with their followers,” ѕaid Bеn Horowitz, co-founder аnd gеneral companion ߋf Andreessen Horowitz in a launch. Ꮃith ɑ purpose to elucidate tһe overall properties of the аnswer ѕome simplified models ɑre disⅽussed, and tһe extra elementary implications of thе theory when applied to tһе d-bands of transition metals агe indicatеd. Tһey’rе proven to haνe asymptotically rigһt protection properties аnd to behave properly іn a small-sample study. The spin contribution fгom cоmpletely ɗifferent orbitals is calculated іn terminating bands in аddition to mⲟre collective bands. Іn my case, thirteen of tһe 15 tracks ѡere able to be played tһrough Spotify, as well as on Andrson’s personal mini-site.

Online gaming has captured the intense of millions of people around the world. With an increasing focus on social media and interpersonal gaming you are able to play virtually anyone worldwide. The internet is stuffed with numerous online casinos which could provide you with a variety of table games as well as slot games with various attractive prize money plus great amounts of entertainment. These games could even be addictive. Most of these online casinos also give you bonus cash in addition to points so that you can get more quantity of users. Slot games are the most popular games due to the user-friendliness as well as easy degrees of operation. There are many different types of slot games, Daredevil Jackpot Slot can be a famous slot game played at various casinos.

Before getting to the free slots part, you need to understand that you could participate in online casinos today and actually play your selected casino games online. It is strongly recommended that you take a look option out, regardless of whether you like to play in solid casinos. In fact, you could be amazed to know that this experience in these online casinos is very near what real casino. Hence, if you are looking for 더존카지노 free slot games, you happen to be most likely gonna land up in a very real casino of this kind.

The online video slot have become very popular nowadays that happen to be akin to the slot which can be regular or classic seen in many land casinos. The only difference of video slot is that it uses the video visual as well as the five reels, in comparison to the olden slots where it uses only three reels but winning at slot provide same enjoyment. There are many free video slots that are made accessible in your website and after allows you to open up the slot machine game and one can enjoy fully screen version or it is possible so that you can adjust your window for the size you wish and perform playing. Of late, the producers of it slots are making several initiatives to place forth the recording slot games that are based on some theme. Such video free slots game need the license from the film firm or require consent from a celebrity as the slot could possibly be based on the celebrity or based on certain characters noticed in a movie.

Yet another power of online casino slots is that it doesn’t have a blazing fast computer or even a super-fast net connection. Regular connections and a fairly decent computer are sufficient to be able to enjoy this game. Once you do check out, you are bound to be happy with the option. It is quite unlikely that you’re gonna wish to go in for everything else because this is possibly the ideal substitute for benefit from. In a number of ways, this is maybe the choice which will are very effective for you personally.

For a better day, search for slot machines offering extra and high bonuses for example free bonus rounds or bonus spins. Also, check each slot machine’s pay table and payout percentage or payback. Most of the time, you can not read these from afar which means you require near each machine and browse the fine prints posted about it. With pay tables, you can know what combinations are lucky. On the other hand, the best payback means higher chances of winning. So, choose machines which have a payback of 90 percent and above. With progressive slots, try betting the maximum number of coins and bet on each of the pay lines. However, do not enjoy machines offering very high betting limits. The smaller ones are better as they allows you to play longer and provide the opportunity win.

Construction of the 1,230 km pipeline is nearly finished but a final stretch of about 120 km still needs to be laid in Danish waters. It was not immediately clear what impact DNV GL’s move would have on the project.

With over 330 million people in the US alone, not everyone will be able to get a vaccine at once — the first doses to reach the market will likely go to employees and residents of nursing homes as well as front-line health care personnel, followed by essential workers, people with underlying medical conditions and older adults.  Moderna plans to ship 20 million doses in 2020 and another 500 million to 1 billion in 2021, if authorized.

But Selah’s about to graduate, so must find the right candidate to carry on her legacy. Amazon

If you’re into the dark-things-happen-at-boarding-schools genre, then Selah and the Spades might be the subject to sign up for.

‘We are near a point where our health care providers are going to have to make very difficult decisions in terms of providing medical treatment to COVID-19 patients with very limited resources,’ Nez added.

Ukraine is most economical country of the Europe. Ukraine is one of the most beautiful country of the Ukraine is comparatively warmer than its neighboring countries. MBBS admissions in Ukraine take place in whole year but the best time to join is in the month of January.

The fees structure of MBBS in Ukraine is less than as compared to other countries. The people here are very helping.

“As is common with new vaccines the MHRA (regulator) have advised on a precautionary basis that people with a significant history of allergic reactions do not receive this vaccination, after two people with a history of significant allergic reactions responded adversely yesterday,” Powis said.

MOSCOW, Nov 26 (Reuters) – Norway’s risk management and quality assurance firm DNV GL has suspended work on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project led by Russia’s Gazprom for fear of being sanctioned by the United States, it said on Thursday.

The centre contains a small group of system which deals with academic needs of students. The International centre is the best study point for international students. The International Centre advises students in all the matters like visa, accommodation and co s.

The International centre gives good facilities to foreign students.


LSMU has a very good hostel with fully furnished rooms and great study environment. There are 5 hostels which can accommodate 2000 students. In the hostel there is a kitchen where students can cook their own Hotels have free internet access. All rooms have comfortable bed.


The Lugansk State Medical University (LSMU) is the university chosen most by foreign students. It provides best MBBS in Ukraine. The quality of education at the University has helped graduates to work successfully in many countries of the world.

LSMU has the highest certification level conferred by the State Accreditation Committee of Ukraine. From May 2005, LSMU is teaching the European Union syllabus. Lugansk State Medical University is the oldest and famous medical college of Ukraine. LSMU graduates can also work in Gulf countries without undergoing any LSMU was established in 1956. It means automatic recognition in all EU member states.

The service is supposed to support English, Spanish, French and Dutch at launch, including both user interface as well as audio support and subtitles for library content, with additional languages available for Disney Plus originals.

Life in Lugansk is great as they get friendly and healthy enviro LSMU campus is spread in an area of 70000 square meters. There are good security, counseling and medical facilities. There are heaters in each room. d.

Students can also order food from outside.

LSMU has POST GRADUATION in English in 27 disciplines.

DOCTORATE research courses are there in various disciplines. International students studies in English medium. The under-graduate course in medicine, known as MBBS takes six years and leads to MD (Doctor of Medicine). The duration of the PhD programs is for 3 e.

Good facilities and teaching has made LSMU one of the best universities in the world.

This means that it was almost certainly random that all the people who developed the condition happened to be in the vaccine group, and the same number of people would likely have got it in any group that size, regardless of a vaccine.

But Slaoui, speaking in an interview with Fox News, said he was more worried about the number of Americans who reject medical science and fear vaccines are unsafe or a conspiracy to harm the public than he was about supply issues.

The algorithms are numerous and they are kept secret so that fairness is maintained in rankings. If you have a business website there is a free tool you can find online to analyze its mobile-friendliness. Google is the largest search engine, used by most online shoppers so it is the starting point for SEO efforts. Google has recently started updating the indexing process to give priority to mobile devices over desktop computers.

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Portable broadband is actually the latest market place lingo regarding portable Web accessibility wasting a portable wi-fi modem, USB modem, a mobile phone before additional such portable device and/or a mainframe. If you loved this article and also you would like to acquire more info relating to internet mobilny lte nicely visit the web-page. As the title advise, cell broadband was first been free within 1991, to be a portion of the primary cell phone mobile phone system. While quite a few families still operate the simple Web services offered by his or her usual national system, new become growing to be used to cell Web, each pertaining to corporation or even private use.

The benefits of portable internet are quite a few. On this style of link, there isn’t a have to download any content towards cellular call or even pc, allowing the addict in order to browse the internet anywhere they’ve insurance policy coverage. Also, with all the cell phone internet, the consumer no longer requires a laptop or even further peripheral device linked to the web to talk about” the data. So long as because there exists a portable phone structure producing cellular services (which usually can be pretty much somewhere inside the planet), the client will have unlimited gate towards the world wide web.

Some web services provide mobile cell phone coming from key makers this sort of because Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG among others. Depending about what company a person decide on, the charts may perhaps range through regular monthly to help annual and approximately suppliers include things like added benefits, this sort of like totally free downloadable melody in addition to software, the opportunity to receive no cost calls, along with admittance to the web by mobile phone communities (WAN). A few mobile internet plans include things like a number of elements this kind of seeing that data sign, video clip supports as well as Internet mail. These might be helpful improvements to your mobile world wide web strategy, with regards to the varieties of strategy a person go for.

In addition to the standard cellular mobile phone that can be operated with cell web assistance plans, you’ll find furthermore intelligent telephones as well as drug laptop with cell web functionality. In some cases, cell phone cell phone with video camera may be worked seeing that cell phone pc as well. With a lot of unique varieties of mobile devices accessible, they have turn out to be achievable in order to gain access to the web via a smartphone or maybe tablet in the number of methods. Smartphones with cameras along with word messaging efforts can certainly enable someone to be associated with the entire world no matter if you’re from your property or personnel, and that is essential for those who regularly employ interpersonal community internet site or simply wish to break up-to-date regardless where they survive.

With more men and women working with portable mobile phone to entry the net, it’s grow to be chief regarding mobile web providers to formulate new cell phone world wide web supports that will talk with the various types of portable devices at this time available. This kind of includes both smart rings and products. Mainly because you can find so many unique patterns obtainable so a lot of unique organisations presenting these way, the donors have to think of a unified program so every means will work jointly. This can be exactly why the WAP (wifi request project) method became developed by certain mobile internet companies to bring an ordinary connection to cell phone telephones as well as products.

The best way that will wireless service provider are working towards unifying portable phones in addition to supplements becomes with the initiation regarding wi-fi. Wi-Fi is an app ceremony that do the job with both cell receivers and unit phones. Because it happens similar to the normal wi-fi transmission that is employed together with your laptop or computer, the item gets into the idea likely to be able to log onto the world wide web wirelessly working ones machine. A few few various ways which clients can easily exploit this kind of trait. Pertaining to illustration, a number of clients could be capable of read his or her circles since their particular Wi-Fi helped computer system. New clients can solely have the capacity to gain access to their own associations due to his or her portable mobile phone or perhaps capsules once they give their particular wi-fi links started up.

A different method of which clients can make the most of the itinerant world wide web functionality recommended with a specific instant support service is throughout the installation involving tools called portable hot place. A fervent location is often a little bit of hardware that will survives laid for a a number of position in the people institution or perhaps apartment building also function as a possible approach point to the web. Because it is frequently located in a region wherever will probably be very easily open by the client, the item can drastically improve user encounter while in addition which makes it a lot easier intended for a client to help encourage all around. In truth, many angry places is usually transported coming from place near bedroom and they are efficient at becoming went from one a part of a property to a new.

The final form of cell phone internet use company that will assist you to exploit each of the aspects to enjoy occurred mentioned so far is a cellular-based world wide web support. Cellular-based services will provide an individual with a mobile phone that will acts like ones normal internet digital camera and may let someone to waves the world wide web wirelessly, just as you would in case you gotten a pc pc associated with the web through a wired relationship. While these kinds of approach possess grow to be much more reasonable these days, it really is still significant for you to assessment go shopping in between many organization and so which you may get the best package possible. Furthermore, due to the fact cellular based systems usually position smaller data strategy in to each and every cell phone, it might be much better that you use a cellular-based web program rather than a mobile broadband network. It doesn’t matter what kind of cell phone internet assistance supplier you use, a person ought to guarantee that you’re obtaining the best work possible as a way to maintain in place with the competition.

Baseball is played out around the world. This is certainly one bet on skill and teamwork that has truly resonated worldwide considering that its simple beginnings, and it is only becoming more well-liked. If you want to know more concerning this sports activity, read on for many wonderful football ideas that can help you.

Enhancing your overall flexibility will significantly allow you to during a video game. If you’re accommodating, you’ll have the ability to move about defenders much better. Mobility will help you to move better when you’re being blocked. You’ll have the capacity to do more techniques than others which will result inside you receiving the switch to rating or complete easily without having to be clogged.

Make your goes by quick and accurate. This takes practice, however you can boost your moving abilities with time. Find a person else who wants to increase their completing and manage drills together. Working all around the court completing and dribbling could eventually come to be secondly character and help you with your activity.

Never ever complete the golf ball and stay continue to. It is a oversight most often manufactured by all those unfamiliar with this game of baseball. As soon as you’ve approved the soccer ball, you have to function to get involved with the very best position possible to be passed on to once again or grab a rebound from your photo.

When taking part in basketball, recall that you are currently playing on a crew. Don’t become a “soccer ball hog.” A crew is like a assist system along with your teammates are there to assist you to and you will be there to enable them to. The goal of your video game would be to come together to defeat the opponent.

It is essential to practice the various types of basketball pictures. Training a variety of lengthy pictures, layups and quick photographs. This should help you be a excellent all-about basketball shooter. If you have any issues pertaining to exactly where and how to use bitcoin sportsbook, you can call us at our own web-page. In addition, you should training totally free chuck shots in your training. By studying the different strategies, you can make certain you enjoy properly in the online game.

There is a lot of tension when taking pictures free tosses. You should teach equally your body along with your thoughts. Loosen up, invest some time and become concentrated.

Do sprints within your exercise drills. Baseball is a very energetic sport for the complete online game. And there are times inside it when you need to tug the very last little bit of vitality for an extremely quick sprint towards the opposing part of the courtroom. Your body needs to be used to sprinting, even when worn-out. You simply make this happen by way of process.

All of us have their own personal good and bad points. Learn to play for your skills and rehearse to improve your disadvantages. Not everybody on the crew could possibly be the guy who ratings every level. Your place can be more appropriate around the protective end. You can only learn these matters by way of practice and engage in.

To properly take care of the soccer ball, you will need to spread your hands out. This will give you should power over the golf ball. Maintain your palm off of the ball also. Regardless if you are transferring or shooting the golf ball, your hands will be the only part of your hands which should be pressing the ball.

Ensure you have prepared for your game titles by taking care of on your own. Don’t visit your staff short by keeping yourself up all night, eating unhealthy foods prior to games or missing exercise as you have facts you choose to do. come up with a persistence for your staff because they are there to the crew on the judge and from the courtroom.

There are several drills you may exercise to assist you to become a greater person. For instance, strength crossovers: initial, dribble with the right hand tough, after which easily move the tennis ball in your left-hand. Perform repeatedly whilst completing the tennis ball to your right hand. This will make you a much better at crossovers.

Have you ever went from fuel around the the courtroom? No matter whether you play for the group or being a hobby with close friends, you would like to be able to previous. It takes more than just enjoying the video game during exercise to help build up your endurance. Trying out some very long-distance jogging and training distinct run drills may help.

To better your outside shooting capabilities, take about a 100 shots daily from various areas about the the courtroom. You need to exercise beginning from a dribble and then taking a chance. While you are in the air flow, require a gander in the focus on. Don’t do it prior to this aspect. You can expect to improve your amount of accuracy that will create an experience closer to real game engage in.

Attempt to position the air device from the soccer ball in the middle of your hands if you are having a shot. This is basically the heart from the golf ball and therefore the perfect center for your personal shot. If this can be achieved, you can find you might have greater charge of the golf ball.

When playing shield, maintain your eyesight on the photo tennis ball. When the tennis ball leaves someones palms, you need to container out your challenger then evaluate where you believe tennis ball is bouncing to if it reaches the edge. That’s the true secret to as an exceptional rebounder. When you notice sufficient basketball pictures, you’ll have got a good plan of methods the tennis ball bounces. But you must maintain your view upon it to learn!

Generally know the aspects the tennis ball will likely get whether it misses a goal. It may bounce back straight into the opponent’s palms.

Getting rebounds help your staff get or continue to keep power over the soccer ball. Foresee where the hockey might go whilst keeping moving. The location where the tennis ball ends up is determined by where the authentic shot was developed, the force of your shot and in which the soccer ball hits the basket or backboard. It is harder to calculate the position of the golf ball for much longer pictures.

Now that you’ve read through this report, you already know more details on what you need to do just to be a fantastic baskbetball person, or to become a far better basketfall fan, if that is what you would like. Simply use the ideas right here to make your appreciation of hockey further and a lot more fulfilling. Play on!